Relations of life.

Every human being is a social animal. He craves for love and companionship. We may not realize or agree it when we think about it, but when you are left alone in the path of life, you realize that all successes, or all that you achieved does not make you fully happy. Family, relatives, friends, colleagues, life partner etc. Every person needs these, at least any one of them for survival. But the intricacies of the mind leaves us confused regarding all these relations and their meaning and essence in our life. All are different and plays a different role. Human beings are not so lucky to obtain all the relations in one person itself. The levels of importance and impact which these relations have on our life is distinguished by an unknown or undefined line of identification. But as always, this line is not clear or cannot be properly defined.

In this society, we consider family as the most important and is considered as the nucleus of which we are part of. Then there are the relatives, close friends, colleagues and acquaintances in that order. Even in Orkut, you can find the categorization of the same for the friends list. But recently when I tried to do the same, I got confused. There are friends who I have not met, but still are my good friends. There are people whom I know very well, but I seldom talk to them, just like an acquaintance. The same applies for relatives too. There maybe some distant distant relatives who may be integral part of family, but for us, they are just acquaintance. Then there are friends or colleagues to whom we reveal more than what we say to the family. All these complications therefore I feel is based on the dependency factor which becomes crucial in deciding the line of identification. More than blood or water or whatever which decides the thickness, I guess this dependency is what makes the relation thicker or thinner. But to make matters complicated while resolving them, this dependency factor is never constant. It keeps on changing over time, based on availability. But it keeps matters simple and plain, there by supporting the undefined and unnamed relations prevailing in the society.

All human beings have problems or worries in their journey of life. And thats why, I guess, they crave for the companionship and the love and support following it. This weakness of human being comes out in the form of dependency. We say we are independent, but its only financially and physically. I don’t think we can be independent emotionally. If you can, you are not a human being. You are just an animal taking part in the race of survival of the fittest. And if you agree that we are emotionally dependent, we do tend to depend on the others for the same. The worries or setbacks or pressures of life are constant and you can never avoid it. Most of us gives a morale boost to the friends in distress, saying that its life and have to move on, and advises them to ignore the thoughts. But as these are constant, they strike back, when we are in solitude. We may feel that the best solution is to avoid being in solitude, but there are unavoidable times in life, where we have to. Then, the hurricane or the cyclone splashes across us sinking us down and making us unstable. We tend to rely on the nearest pillar, whichever is available at that point of time. And when the storm passes by and you are stable again, you feel you are independent again to continue the journey of life. And at this point, you feel you don’t need anyone and are capable of everything to achieve your goals n success. But they keep forgetting that the cyclone may splash again. And when the storm comes again, the process repeats. The pillars here can be anything, family, friends, partners, colleagues or just strangers. And every time the storm approaches, it need not be the same pillar which supports us. Its not that the pillars have worn out, but because they too can be unstable and be relying on other pillars around them, even ourselves.
I do wonder where these worries come from and why they do not get destroyed. I feel, its just like the energy; neither created nor destroyed. With every new born destined to live in the world, these are the side effects created which gets destroyed by its end. But that does not mean death is the only solution. The true spirit lies in living or facing the life with all those side effects.

The human nature is nowadays trying to complicate the already complicated things more, by trying to link all these individual pillars and setting rules and regulations for them. They try to correlate friendship dependency and love and family in whatever way they could. They boast around saying using the brains to think about future, is the differentiator between them and animals. But they missed out one point while discovering another. Brains do differentiate us from animals, but not the forces of nature. There are some undefined rules and forces of nature based on which we are destined to live in the world.

Why do we want to ruin the present pillars by thinking about the pillars of the future? Why do we avoid the storm and keep running around? Why don’t we just face them, with due support and love from others in the form of pillars? Life has changed and progressed so much, that the pillars have started forgetting their role, and we have started scrutinizing them before we hold on….

Life!!… so simple yet so complicated…


  1. Hi
    A group of friends consists of two or more people who are in a mutually pleasing relationship engendering a sentiment of mutual trust. There are varying degrees of “closeness” between friends. Hence, some people choose to differentiate and categorize friendships based on this sentiment.

    “True friends are those who, When you make a fool of yourself, Don’t believe that this condition is permanent”.

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