Change of Life style

Did you ever remember the time when you handled Rs 10 or Rs 100 as a big amount? The time when you thought flight travel is only for the hi-fi people. The times when you felt, any dress material above Rs 500 is an expensive costume. The times when giving treat was limited to Rs. 300 or Rs.400. The times when we think of travelling locally by bus or walk, as travel by auto rickshaws was too much. The times when we thought of America, US, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Dubai etc as unimaginable and never-can-be-visited destinations. The times, when your heart skipped a beat when every SMS of yours got charged. The times when you bought chappals or sandals worth 100 or 150 for daily use. The times when you think twice before lunching or having dinner out. The times when you made fun of the hi-fi people in mind, with their tight jeans n cool sun glasses and their life style. The times when you enjoyed the travel with your loved ones in bus, side by side. The times when you enjoyed the beauty and innocence of the village during a train journey or at your home town. The times when the simple things made you happy.

Now, I travel by local auto at minimum of Rs 60. I guess I have travelled by Air Deccan nearly or more than 20 times. I send national SMS and also even International ones. The dinner n lunch treats is not a new thing. I have sandals priced around Rs 500. I have two jeans already with uncountable tops and shirts. I recently bought new dresses worth around 1.4k!! I bear the city traffic in the peak hours daily morning and evening. You see people running behind hip-hop cool trendy outfits at the brand stores, including me. The famous hangout outlets include the shopping malls and theatres and not the parks. The beauty of the beach has been scratched by the enormous crowd.

Does it mean we don’t remember the good old days? Does it mean we have changed a lot from the past? Do we crave for those happiness?

I do. I do remember. And I did change. And I do crave for the small small happiness. But as long as the people around me are there, as always to enjoy those small happiness with me along with the change, I guess I won’t mind the change…


  1. Push as I might my memory, I find it difficult to remember days when I wasn’t cavalier with money.

    It belongs in the pocket. That’s where it should stay. To let it rule life would be such a waste.

  2. @Vijayendra:
    true indeed.. it should not be let to rule the life…
    but i guess, over the time, you tend to take care more of the pocket than your life, if you keep it reserved in the pocket…

  3. So true!! I remember all those days and cherish them a lot:) Those are days that make us realize the value of all the luxuries we have today and not to be so carried away by these luxuries and remain rooted the ground

  4. @Archana: Hey, I did not mean it was wrong to spend. Just was wondering how the times change. Ya I know, I will have to see more changes yet to come… 😀

    @Ashwin: well, no comments on that!! 😉 hehe… by the way, being in dubai, you might have got hi-fi now na… 😛 😀

  5. Till the time I’m off from the planet… I’ll be leading a hi-fi life. Only that I don’t define hi-fi with respect to money. It’s measured by happiness. 🙂

  6. @Ashwin: well, your happiness cannot be measured with that hi-fi n all… better restrict the hi-fi word to money terms to avoid complications and keep it simple! 😀

  7. maybe some more time with all 10s and 100s, then you will get to see that what you are craving is just beside you. You just have to see it from all the clutter that “change” brings.

    good luck

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