Happy 2nd anniversary!

Yesterday, I completed two years of my tenure in Chennai. Away from home, and as a working professional. You never know how time flies by, and what all you gain and what all you lose in the passing time.

Last year at around same time, I had made a post on my experiences in the first year. I had even thought of writing a sequel for the same. But the age n time is forcing me now to discard away the small trivial matters with a wave of thoughts, instead of penning it down here.

To those who have known me now for two years by this auspicious day,
Happy 2nd anniversary to you too, my dear…


  1. Yeah I was also hoping to read your experience in Chennai.. anyways happy anniversary!

    From the way thinks are going, it seems that you’re going to be in chennai for a long time now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Happy aniversary to u tooo my dear (kiddn)

    I was expecting one more sentimental, philoshical post from u but u just ended this 2nd aniversary so easily…

  3. thanks Ashwin, Ben, and Piyush…
    @piyush: ya, wanted to write long, but felt like cutting it short… I guess the following post will compensate for the same..

    @Ashwin: hmm, i m still in a dilemma… but don’t worry. I won’t leave until I meet you! ๐Ÿ˜›

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