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It all started with my search for ways to control anger; I was really worried over my behaviour with my child. As per the suggestion from an online friend, I thought I would give it a try, since I saw many testimonials from the customers, saying how Reiki has calmed them down, and build up the patience etc.

I did went for the Reiki sessions, and this is what I jotted down to clear out my understanding.

The concept of universal energy and spirit was unconvincing to me, though it had substantial evidence and it did seem satisfactory. Maybe my rebellious mind takes own time to accept this truth. It questions before it surrenders to the truth completely. I do not reject the idea of universal energy. I do acknowledge it, but I am just irritated since I do not know it completely. Just like a teenage girl, I need the complete story from start to end. It needed more answers on related topics, like the spirit, ghosts, souls, witch craft, tarot cards, astrology, candles based calling of spirit etc. It awakens in me the quest to quench my thirst of unanswered facts and questions. And until the dust is settled again, my mind whimpers. As of now, I realize, its just one another method, like the various other popular ones. Meditation, yoga, acupressure, natural healing and all the alternate therapies or methods I know of, was just a bundle of unused clothes in my mind, which needed to be washed and sorted, and I have just added one another to it. Those were the methods through which people attain peace or improve their mental state of being.

My interpretation:
Will power heals yourself. Touch of empathy and compassion reinforces it. The silence attunes us back to faith in ourselves, which then forms a cycle again. The mind then again takes control of your body, enabling to heal yourself faster. The energy gained is the refreshed willpower, watered by the faith in these practices.

But then, what about the distance healing, in which the patient never asks for the energy. Another food for thought. For some other time.


  1. I have heard people talk of Reiki with great conviction. I am not sure I believe in it but I find the concept quite magical. In fact my mums’s not been well for over a year now and I did ask my friend who’s a Reiki master to try healing her. Signs of desperation, maybe!
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  2. Thank you for sharing your info with us. Where else could anybody get that type of info about Reiki in such an ideal means of writing? I am a keen learner of astrology techniques and so i used to search all the web for the related items. Basically i also write about crystal therapy and Reiki healing techniques.

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  3. Reiki got its concept from the idea that the world has an electricity that offers framework, health, and kind. This pressure is additionally called Chi by the Chinese martial artists. Given that its power comes from the basic essential levels of truth, it is shared to be capable of healing anything.

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