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There was a time when I was confused with the religious beliefs and presence of God and their need in our day to day life. I was religious, and still am. But the way I conceive all these things in my mind has changed. Is that what they call personal growth? I believe so. Where the state of mind is able to grasp all the various confusions and pacify itself with its own understanding. This sounds so spiritual, though I am not spiritual completely.

Following the Reiki episode, I went on to read the famous book on reincarnation, “Many lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss. And below are the points which came to my mind about the book.

– supposed to be a true story, hence cannot complain on the clarity and the continuity
– feels more like concentrating on the Masters messages rather than how Catherine gets rid of fears.
– supports the theory of Reiki and other Spirits, which enables us to understand some correlation in how people see ghosts or spirits, the communication with those spirits, as in films.
– explains many para psychic capabilities seen in human beings; establishes there are different senses indeed
– mostly conveys the message preached in religious teachings, like karma
– so many levels and planes, – conscious, unconscious, sub conscious, super-conscious minds
– reinforces the will power – ability to come back in life, get well on own etc
– some past lives visited again and again but different scenes
– no rebirth in form of animals depicted. The past lives are reported only as humans.
– always appears as servant or doing good deeds. She never becomes “villian” or the bad character in any lifetime.
– only few people from present life is visible in past lives, not all
– unable to comprehend how names and years are able to recollect
– no facts are presented which shows the events match with history.. based on the environment of the year or some other person’s lifetime etc.. It seems the soulmates book by the same author shows some relevant information in this regard

The concept of spirits and soul is sometimes very soothing and refreshing among the complications of various era, the various religions, caste and gender. Its like explaining the theme of a novel in two three lines. The questions may do remain still, but they are little different from the questions which I asked myself previously. That’s a sure sign of growth.

Quoting from this blog,
Change is the only thing constant, and growth is the only purpose.


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