Of Queen and Quills

#atozchallenge archanaonline.com alphabet Q

The first word that came to my mind for the letter Q was Queen. I had thought of writing a review on the recently released film Queen, since I could so relate to it. But they would end up being a narration of my personal thoughts and past experiences which got rekindled on seeing the movie. The shaky individual with low self-esteem and confidence, venturing out into the world and growing up on our own. Ain’t that relates to many of us?

There were days when I would make fun of the people wearing shorts and sleeveless tanktops, just because I was not advised to wear them. The “values” taught comprised of covered up wearing, and to act without being ourselves. The narrow mindedness which we were accustomed to, were hard to get out of. I could so remember being laughed at my humor sense and my ignorance of the popular jokes, in my younger days, to the extent of being called tube-light. This still creates problems in the present, when I try to be myself and seek for people who matches my wavelength and frequency, and end up finding very few ones.

Then there was the parallel track of writing on quilling, which is an art I have added to my Pinterest boards. Though I was interested in them, I never could do much of a project based on it apart from a small nameplate.

I so wish someone could just push me up just like they do to a car (do you remember the ambassador of olden days), so as to get my engine running. The laziness and the lack of motivation disease is really a hard bug to shake off. Do you have any tips? I did find one or two online.

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  1. Do you like RPG-type things? If so, you may find HabitRPG.com to be helpful with your motivation. It makes doing things sort of like a game. I really enjoy it.

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