Mélange – Random Tidbits – I

1. Had heard of tweet long before. But twitter I came to know just recently. The twittermania is spreading onto me. everywhere I am checking out whether people are twittering. There are other feeds like friendfeed n all, but I feel people likes to twitter more. There was the forums, technical and entertainment ones, and then new popular short aggravated social networking sites like orkut, facebook, myspace, hi5, linkedln, and many others, and then the weblogs or blogs from blogger and wordpress, and now the mini blogs or feeds!!! The new improvements in Internet world are remarkable. I guess the tagline of Nokia, “Connecting people” matches better with the world of Internet, if ever it needed an advertisement and a tagline. Now I have even tried out various twitter tools rebuild for firefox or browsers or in general as desktop apps. But everywhere they mention Adobe Air as system requirement. I checked it out and it seems an important part for executing any web application. Does that mean, like any other Adobe PS, Air has also been hitting various desktops and laptops these days? It seems there are many things to catch up for me in this net life.

2. Being at home is sometimes very boring, but it reminds me of old days. The times when I spent at home in Kerala. As mentioned, I am getting more and more used to the TV shows. Nowadays its hot masala shows like Koffee with Karan or Rakhi Sawant Showz or trailors and interviews and gossips from Zoom. There are many movie channels too, and I have even had time when I ended up watching 3 films in one day!! And that too, all English ones. I realize there are many international movies of solid content which portrays emotions and themelines unknown to the popular streamline. I wonder where to catch the movies online or offline.I tried even the bigflix and even wondered whether to become a member!!!! There are IMDB and other movie sites, but they help you only if you know the movie names. Is it able to search movies by the story line? Any site which lists out movies with tags, so that we can search through tags?

Talking of tags, I am reminded of two things.

3.One is the blog-renovation. The tag cloud widget (which you can see on the right) from the inbuilt new wordpress upgrade is really cloudy and messy. Sometimes, I even feel like changing the theme too. Make a real diary kinda blog, with so many widgets tucked in, and photos n all inserted n all. I feel sometimes the blog is so dull. Content wise and appearance wise too. Is it so?

There was the time at home, when I had searched for CMS and portal softwares and php tutorials to code in and build my site, and it flashes me memoirs of my journey of my blog. Some prefers wordpress sites and blogspot n all, but i wanted one of my own. Due to the unavailability of free hosting and lack of open source coding knowledge, I was forced to burden Sreejith for every database changes. But I am happy that I can atleast do the cosmetic changes.

4. The other thing is the real tagging or meme-tag. I don’t keep track that much ( I used to) of subscribers or visitors to my site, but I do follow many blogs, or rather I seem to know many bloggers. But I wonder why do I get tagged very less. Maybe because, people who know that I blog, are either not bloggers, and who do blog neither know me! There have been many points at times, where I wanted to write lot, but because it was purely personal and the thought of making already dull blog with more pessimistic thoughts seemed to be disastrous, I refrained myself.

5. The blog network, forced me to check various feedburner and google analytics and adsense to check out what’s new. And I find very few do visit the blog. 🙁 Hmmm….

6. Coming back to TV and movies, after watching so many interviews and news about actors and actresses, I have started liking Shahid Kapoor. And all those cute cute boys. Is there any restriction that we should stop getting crush after you get married! I don’t think so, and even if its there I am not going to follow it. Imran Khan looked cute too, but he has already a long-time relationship.. So ruled out!

The rapid fire round is absolutely addicting, and it reminds me of my long-time wish to retrospect myself with similar shoot-out. But I wonder who can be the author of the questions… Will you, the readers, be???? There were several blogs in which the readers are prompted to ask various questions to the author… Hmmm.. Have to give it a thought…

To Be Continued….

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  1. IMDb has Tags and Recommended Movies features. Check Rotten Tomatoes, good to see if you want to check out a particular movie.

    “I wonder where to catch the movies online or offline”
    If you’re in India, forget watching online.

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