Rama Rama Kya Drama!

Men complain they cannot watch serials. That they cannot withstand all the “rona dhona” and all. But even if you switch off the television, how will you keep your eyes closed with all the drama happening around you?

Fizaaaaa….. Fizaaa……!!!! (Song from “Fiza” film)!!

Yes! Chand has come back to Fiza. Is Karan Johar listening? He would have got a triangular love story by now. Not that he would not have already got 3 or 4 love stories in mind, but still… I guess, soon there would be a film by him on polygamy and the upcoming trends of “indecisive love” which would mean, ‘unable to know whom you are loving’. Film name would be “Kaun Kisse Karta Hai Pyar”. As he has got out of his K word, it could also maybe “Fiza Chand” or “Chand Fiza”. The song lyrics would now surely contain those words, “Chand” and “Fiza” as they are very poetic not only in names, but also in real life.

Kasab has started crying for a change now. Maybe he got tired of his smiling and his cheeks would have started to ache! Or maybe he would have thought how his face is not photogenic in the photo evidence shown. Or maybe he would have repented his decision on not to wear that bright yellow coloured shirt on that day in which he would have looked good! Whatever..!! As Priya said, we have been too lenient on him.

The tragic story of Abhishek has finally come to end, with army too giving up the search of the body. The BBMP remarks and the complaints, cases, and the transfer has been of no use. What they are going to do now? By the time, any actions are done, the rainy season would have been over, and by the time, it starts to rain again, the work done will be all destroyed again, thanks to the corruption and other adjustments done. Except for the main highways, how long have the tarred roads been able to maintain themselves?

Thank God, India is out of World T20. No no, I am not a traitor!! The hype had been too much. I remember long back for World cup or something, the percentage of television audience had gone high, and similarly the cricket craziness. People had started buying DTH services and even TV just for watching cricket. Now Tatasky+ uses the same for promoting itself, by enabling to record the live matches. Ab kya kare uska? 😛 One use now would be for the housewives and women in the house. They could record the serials or movies and watch anytime they want!! Kya kahe.. Dhoni ko kisi ki nazar lag gayi, aur kya!!

On that note, I am ending the “Real Drama Official Film” episode here. Keep pouring in your comments and suggestions in the comment box below.

Till then, bye bye!!


  1. Nice take of the prevailing milieu! And yeah, life in India, even chronicled day-by-day would provide fodder for countless bollywood movies!! 🙂

    ROFL about Karan!! 😛 Enikk angere kannedutha kandooda!! 😐

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