Dev D

Times of India rated it 5 stars. Everywhere people gave the best ratings for the film. Said it was unconventional. Truly modern. Abhay Deol is the best. Chanda is best.The song emotional atyachar was superhit.

I disagree.

I am not sure, whether I should write the post as a review, because I could not even understand many parts of the film. Had I not watched the previous or original Devdas movie, I would not have understood what they were showing at all. There were so many scenes where I raised my eyebrows (not that you can easily identify that raising!). Also there were so many unresolved questions too.

Where do we see or realize or sense that Dev D actually loved or cared for Paro?

What is Paro’s stand in the whole movie? Is she crazy? Being amateur in teenage years is agreeable. But sending nude photos to London?!

And our Dev D seeing “that” realizes that he needs to come back!!! What yaar!! Doesn’t they see more of that in England or London? I didn’t find anything in that photo she sent!! 😐

And then after sometime into the marriage, when called upon, Paro comes and does all the chores for “our” Dev D!! Was she a servant? If atleast she loved, she could have respected her “love” na?

Wait.. Respecting love? Guess I am talking like Anurag Kashyap now!

And the f word. Why was it not “bleep”ed? I guess that was the first Hindi film I saw which had that without bleeping…

Truly, the director had been seeing so many English movies. The innumerous background songs with increasing sound in between made my job harder. Most of the time I had to sit near the pc so as to adjust the volume!! Phew!

Only part I understood is Chanda’s character. Thank God. Or else the two hours we took for watching the movie would have gone to waste!!

Poor RK. He never gets to watch good movies! 😐

Any movie recommendations, guys?


  1. That’s a totally different review. 😀 Fresh perspective, nice. 🙂

    I’m yet to see Dev D. But I’ve seen many scenes which you’ve mentioned here. I agree that some of them defy conventional logic, but again, it’s a movie and the idea is preposterous so people like it!

    The sending nude photo thingy was a tad over-the-top though. It would’ve been okay, if she took the pic in a digicam and mailed in through her pc. But she goes to a local shop to do that, sacrificing all her privacy! 😛

    Will give a detailed comment after I watch it. 😀

  2. I Liked the movie. It was as Hari says a fresh prespective. Secondly for the music. But I don’t see the music as jarring. In fact it adds to the mood the movie. I loved almost all the songs in this movie. And the F word not being bleeped?! What are you talking abt? That word is very common even among school kids. So bleeping it is of no use, if at all there was any in the first place!!!

    On the other hand here are some movies you might enjoy.
    1. The Green Mile
    2. To Kill A Mockingbird
    3. Roman Holiday
    4. Rear Window (Hitchcock fan :D)
    5. North by Northeast (Hitchcock fan :D)
    6. Run Fatboy Run
    7. Ghost Town
    8. Stranger Than Fiction
    9. Shawshank Redemption
    10. Rock N Rolla

  3. Hi Archana,
    Well,you din’t like the movie,as many didn’t.
    Sadly you watched it on your lappy hence a lot of distortion in the sound track.
    But I do see much of your review in a bad light.Now,what Anurag tried to show here was the coming of teenage sexuality in the present terms,the transformation of THAT devdas to one of our own.
    Believe me 90 prcnt of the couples do talk about the sex and all.
    We agree with it or not but that happens,even those 200 prcnt in luv wid each oder.
    Paro’s sending the pic shows the limits a “middleclass” bounded yet free spirited girl going to tle limits to satiate her love.
    Her doing the chores shows her constrainted love.She has love on her mind but at the same time is bounded by the ethics of marriage,a mirage where she can’t break either.
    And the music is the ultimate high point,it is actually a part of the narrative,just the way it was in Gulaal.
    And as far as the bleeping you were talking of then you might be having problems with Slumdog Millionare,Omkara,Kaminey(and the list moves on).
    But isnt this what’s supposed to be realistic cinema.The case of Chanda,doesn’t it remind us of the not so famous Delhi MMS.
    Now this is what is truth which is now unveiled,a lot before in NEWS and chat shows.
    We like it or not but the truth remains the same.
    But Dev D for me is a wonderful film.
    And hey did I forget to mention the stunning canvas on which the film is shot,let it be the Pardesi song,they walkin in the rain drenched streets..
    And last but not the least Abhay deol rocked.
    Just watch it once more but with an open prespective.
    sorry to bog you so much.
    But thats what blogging is all about-prespective exchange:)


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