IPC Section 377 and LGBT

The Section 377 is making headlines these days. Recently held Gay parade had so much publicity in the news papers.

It means India too is changing, with the enormous people coming forward revealing their sexuality. Now there would be more of films dealing with this topic and that too serious ones and not like the film “Dostana”. And there would be celebrity gay and lesbian couples and their gossip in the “Bangalore Times”.

But even if rights are changed, I really doubt whether Indians still could accept easily, this change in the new generation ( Who knows, maybe there existed the same in the older generation too!! ). I wonder whether people still know the difference between all those terminologies like gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, eunuch, transsexual, hijra etc.  Many magazines and newspapers have cited the problems, trauma, and difficulties faced by them in the society.

I remember the encounters with hijra’s in the Chennai-Trivandrum trains. They pester the men in the train openly. Its almost like eve-teasing and harassing women in the public. On second thoughts, does ever females changed to males demand money similary in the public? I haven’t noticed that instance yet. In any case, if this is because, they have no other option to live, then is it guaranteed that if ever the laws are changed, they will stop this method to gain money?

Its totally another topic, relating to sex workers and their rights and as to legalizing prostitution is for good or not. There are streets in many places in India famous for this, and though the major driving source is poverty and discrimination, has the law and order looked into this anytime? Why is there no known regulation over this?

Similarly is the state of beggars. Is begging legal in India? According to Wikipedia, it is banned in many states. Though its a different thing, that still, there maybe exceptions and you will find them everywhere.

And hence in the same way, though there are new laws and amendments, situation will remain almost the same, until each and every Indian realizes that world has grown up so much forward, that there are many other things to look into like poverty, economy and development,  rather than ostracizing and discriminating this new growing section of people.


  1. You’ve made a point there. 🙂 It’s hard for all ‘different’ people, despite all the laws people refuse to accept ’em – that’s bad!

    Maybe people like us – we can make a difference by accepting them as our own! 🙂

  2. Yup. More than its legal or illegal, I want them to find their identity and live just like other human beings.

    The onus is not just on the society, it is also on the LGBT community to try become part of society.

  3. hey man,w hat you say is true, Even if rights and claims have been given to the particular division. Indian people do not accept it as nature and agree with it. You have put it rightly. have a great time blogging

  4. You should be educated, or atleast from the forward looking society to accept this community…And There s whole difference in seeing these protests from far and a accepting a person from your near & dear, being part of it….:(

  5. there is not point in fighting for gay rights
    there is no use
    there is no way to succeed


    they realize, that they first need to make their case clear, and make the common man understand what it really is, to be a gay and lesbian

    until they, what they can win, to the maximum is a law protecting them, but not a society that accept them, a family that understands them and a nation that “includes” them

    I hope they do the right thing at the right time !

  6. ‘… rather than ostracizing and discriminating this new growing section of people.’

    ‘New growing section’ is an ambiguous phrase. It can mean that the number of people under these categories are increasing.

    A decent article otherwise! 🙂

    And yes, I’m an ‘out-of-closet’ bisexual.

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