Weekend Getaway to Mysore again!

After a long long time, we finally took a break. Off we go to the Windflower resorts at Mysore. Refreshing break indeed. And that too in our one-month old Jazz car. Full of greenery on the way with country roads and all the halli’s(villages), the beautiful landscaping of the resort, the artificial pond, the wooden flooring and wooden wardrobe of the studio room, and the amazing food at the Olive Garden Restaurant..

The most interesting point was it was the same restaurant we went last time 4 years ago, and we realized only after booking the resort. Strange coincidence!

Then the ‘buts’ come. It was just for one day. And it was the day when the Cauvery water crisis forced the farmers to block the Mysore Bangalore expressway. That day was N’s first outing trip and  it was also the day, I thought of practizing my car driving skills. We started at 8am from Bangalore and we reached Mysore at 2.30pm or so. More than 6 hours to travel.!!

Murphy and me always had a strong bond…Hmmm…

The night and the next day covered for all the troubles we had. Hotel beds are always so welcoming and relaxing that we never know how much time we slept. Good quality time was spent at the Mysore zoo, which I would rate as best, even better than the Bannerghatta National Park, and a long non-stop comparatively peaceful drive back to Bangalore through Kanakpura Road, NICE Road and the Elevated Highway which took 4 hours end-to end from the resort to our home.

Small breaks are always welcome than sticking to the routine…And especially with the festive season upcoming, it can indeed perk you up.

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