Women and serials.

These days, most of the women, including me, who spends time at home, sitting simply, think a lot than the other busy people.. And as usual, whenever, women thinks, they think of their fate, their past, present and future.. many teenagers of this present age, are into depression, as they are not getting the love from the busy parents..
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My first day at Car driving school

Yesterday, i finally decided to make use of the holidays in some way..
And it turned out to be studying car driving…And i started it today in the morning.. The lady teacher gave me lectures on clutch, gear, etc.. i was feeling like i was in a cockpit of a plane, with lots of things surrounding me..
Lets see how it goes.. 😀

Film Review – “Manichithrathazhu” – Psychic Mind

This sunday i saw the film “manichithrathazhu” again. This time i saw it fully,(last time when i saw it, i think i was too small and was scary of that stupid thing and also cudnt understand the theoretical part). The film consists of the heroine having split personality. The subject of pshycology and the behaviour of human mind has always fascinated me. Even myself, i think of some things as why it happens, or why ibehave like this.

There are many things unique to some person. All the people behave differently at several occasions. Why is it so? How does our mind works? This semester, i hav a subject called “neural networks” to study. It just simulates the parallelism of the brain. But biologically i hav wondered how it works. Also the hypnotism done by the psychatrists, how do we obey them? Who can hypotise then? Anyone? So many questions unanswered..