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I saw the film again accidently today. Each time i see Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, it mesmerises me with several thoughts.. Even in this film on love, i was experiencing two love stories..

Both characters were true.. In the end, Nandini goes to her husband, Vanraj, even after she founds her lover. Why did the lover’s love made way for her. Dint he loved too. In the end, nothing was shown about his future. Does that mean, if 2 lovers break apart, and one get married, they can never be united. Isnt it dificult for a woman, when two men loves her so much equally, and she too does the same..In this film, i like tat expressions of Vanraj(Ajay Devgan) who expresses his love without saying it.. sweet na.

In Devdas too, the same thing happens, both women loves the hero. Here it is much more funny. The hero is so ill fated to live with none! And i still cudnt understand the foolishness of wasting a life, drinking and killing himself.My favourite scene is where chandramukhi explodes in paru’s house after that “dola re” song.

In both films, the backgrounds were so colorful. Both films were traditional to some extent. In Devdas, the rules and regulations of a landlord’s house, the limits of the dancers, the pride and status of landlords, the situation where women are not heard, the image of good people etc were shown..In HDDCS too, the women’s wishes were ignored, their ignorance of kisses and touching(askin plainly, whether a child will be born through touch!! etc.). The houses were big in both. The music by Ismail Darbarji, was also fantastic, and touching to soul..
It gives mental peace to see such wonderful films.. Dont u think so guys..

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