One click…

One click.

A child receiving his wages from the master,
The happiness of having a whole meal,
The satisfaction of having notes of money,
The responsibility for himself and family, if any,
The independence, the loneliness,
And the innocence…
One click reveals it all…

One click.

Anxious passengers waiting for bus,
The plight of the people and the bus stop,
The hope of reaching their destination,
Prayers for time and life to stop ticking,
The joy of freed school children,
And the exhausted old grandma…
One click reveals it all…

One click.

The adventures of train travel,
The immense length of the train,
The location and appearance of people,
Meetings and good-byes at the same time,
The pleasure of vacation start,
And the tears of separation…
One click reveals it all…

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