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Wanna know why I have been busy and not posting any blog posts off late? Well, there are many reasons, but for now, the fetish of home decor has creeped onto me. Maybe, being a house wife and being at home, initiated this in my mind. I do try to minimize the expenditure due to this newly found interests, though sometimes it goes out of hand.

There was a time, when I used to cringe at a book or magazine if it cost more than Rs.20. Now I am buying occasionally magazines of Rs.100 just to look at the style pictures and drool over it. One thing I realized is, there is no such home decor magazine meant for middle class people. Most of the cover story deals with highly priced luxury items, which makes us think that home decor is expensive, while I believe its contrary. The creative ideas, and simple ways of rearranging, and making re-use of old items are mostly inexpensive. Then, as usual, I latched onto the greatest resource of all. The internet. The innumerous blogs by interior decorators, or designers, or photographers, created just by passion gives a whole lot of ideas than those highly priced books.

And that’s why I am gonna show you my “Home” bundle from my Google Reader, which may double up and revive the old series of Webscape Links which was alive in this blog few months ago.

Along with this new interests, some old interests too got rekindled.

The DIY ideas and craft ideas which I have always liked from childhood. I remember my father doing all sorts of odd work at home, ranging from repairing, plumbing and reusing old items and many others. Instead of buying new notebooks, he would sew blank pages torn out from various used books. For pen holder, he would cut open a used bottle or can. He had a stamp collection, in his younger years, and  we both together had a collection of pens in my younger years. He had a vast tool kit with which he would do most of the odd jobs. And I used to be his assistant. .

Is Father’s Day coming up? Though, just like my any other close relation, I don’t think I would ever be able to say to him how much I love, admire and respect him for what he is.

And from my mother, I guess its the sewing skills that came onto my genes. Though I do not know how to handle sewing machine and do embroidery works, it was a hobby which she couldn’t continue due to her job which deprived her the time and a weak back which restrained the amount of work on the sewing machine. I remember both of them (my parents) sewing cushions and beds from old bed mattress..

Anyways, without drifting on longer, I would like to show one of my completed work using Anchor stitch kit before signing off.

Any comments?

See you with more pictures of old experiments hopefully sooner. I have found some culinary pictures and some flower pics, which are part of my ever-changing interests.


  1. Found your blog via “dress your home”….Like you, I find blogs much more informative and the best part is, they’re updated way more regularly than any magazine could ever be. Its lots of different voices, all sharing their passion = fun and inspiration galore!!


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