Painted Dreams

#atozchallenge alphabet P

The jar of paints and brushes were strewn all around. She had come to wake her son.

He had skipped the breakfast and the lunch. Yesterday’s dinner plate on the table was untouched. She had placed the dinner on his table and left quietly after soothing him with her eyes. The words from her husband had sparked off an emotional upheaval in him, which only she understood.

She was about to wake him up, when her eyes fell on the painting. It depicted a green parrot in a cage, in a beautiful balcony, with skies and sun above. There was another parrot faraway on another tree, as if calling the caged parrot.

He woke up slowly, as she was picking and cleaning up things in his bedroom.
“Its okay, ma, I will do it later. You don’t bother cleaning it now. ”

Her rebellious son was springing up in action. She reverted back with her usual tactic.
“That’s a nice painting, dear..”

He didn’t reply back, he was now looking out the window.
She realized it was futile to stay back and moved towards the door. Before going down the staircase, she said excitedly,
” Its a pleasant evening.. I think I would have some tea.. I would love to get some company for having it…”

She knew he needed time to calm down.

After a while, in the kitchen,while she was pouring the tea for two, he stood near the kitchen door…

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