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Music has been always an integral part of my life. I still wonder how I forgot to blog about it till now. Before landing in Chennai, I used to listen mostly, semi-classical, old hindi songs, malayalam or even few tamil songs. English was a total no-no except for the Backstreet Boys, cos I could never understand the words! (:) even the BSB i did not understand that time..) But now, my new passion is listening and experimenting with English famous music. To be frank, I still cannot distinguish between rock, pop, electronica, blues and blah blah.. I know few band names and some songs, which I am loving more n more every time I hear it again. The most captivating is the lyrics in these albums. Simple words describe lot meanings in them… aint it???
For now, I m just listing down few English ones…Â There are lot Hindi ones too with good lyrics.. Hard for me to find in office where all sites are blocked.. So u’ve to wait for more…

MLTR: reality love songs 😛
More than a friend
You took my heart away

DHT: very slow and soft ones
Listen to your heart

BSB: my favourite one…
Show me the meaning

White Town: hmmm….
Your Woman

Linking Park : The ultimate reality!!
In the end


  1. musical taste..very bad…kids stuff.(and you said music is an integral part of your life)…all those songs cannot be even counted as songs.

    anyway have a happy married life. bye (peace)

  2. @beyonduniverse: in the universe I live in, every individual has his or her own preference, and I believe all are totally different to have different musical taste, and kids are those who cannot accept this fact!

    thanks for the wishes.

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