Hollywood vs Bollywood!

Lot many people I know are fans of Rock, Pop, Trance and other music. Also the Hollywood movies. They say its an awesome movie. Beautiful editing and storyline blah blah… I seldom watch English movies for one n only reason that, its hard for me to understand the dialogues!! But another thing I noticed is, all these people blame the Bollywood and regional films sometimes saying they are crap and boring and contains only masala and mushy stories… The Hollywood is well advanced I agree, but why do we forget that our people are also trying its best in Indian Film industry. The good films are termed as “art films” and are given bad remarks. They are directors and producers who earn a living through the Film industry. They do need money. Shouldn’t we the people encourage them to bring out more and more good films, instead of blaming them as show off films? Instead the films having a night club dance are being boosted for “unrevealed” reasons! Personally asking, I consider lot many films from the directors, Sanjay leela Bhansali, Nagesh Kukunoor, Madhur Bandharkar, Ashutosh Gawarikar, and few regional films. My wish-list of to-watch films includes the following:
Corporate, Hyderabad Blues, Guru, Traffic Signal, Kalyug, Woh lamhe, Life in a Metro, few Tamil films like Kanda naal mudhal, Unnale Unnale, along with the English romantic ones Music and lyrics, The notting hill, The Holiday, and the Spiderman 3 and Pursuit of happiness..

I have felt most good Indian Films portray feelings and reality. But isn’t there lot many romantic and mushy films in hollywood too??? I love them for the simple plain storyline. The entertainment films are given more importance by the families and for the youth, the violent action thrillers, amazing cinematography and direction are the main reasons for shifting to Hollywood. Maybe Hollywood is indeed good, but please don’t blame our Film Industry too… Its just a developing country!!! Give ’em a break!!

On a side note, its comparatively easy to show action and thrillers, but very very hard to portray emotions and feelings and make people think of it!


  1. Yar its due to this englishizm

    actually ppl here fell if they watch eng movies they will be …

    its like ki frds per or specially girls per impression ban jata hai

    I tell u a live example fo my life

    i buy harry Potter 6

    It was in my frds hand suddently 2 knowing girls comes and says

    r u reading harry potter

    he said no its for piyush

    i said yes mam i read coz i love him

    and after that we reached home he read that book not me

    i never minded that

    its just ppl thinknig

    now those girls wanna that book from me
    and that guy he saying very proudly yeah i read that book

    so i think it sour mentality ki english books and their litrature their movies are awsome

  2. If we start thinking that even after 60 years we are developing then even 100 or 200 years won’t matter. Saying that Indian Cinema needs time to grow is totaly wrong. Indian Cinema has been there long enough to get on track. What we do is produce large scale mushy movies and small budget action movies that really shows how crap indian cinema is. Inidan action movies rarely feel like they have action and even if it has no superhero the Hero will do stunts that will make him nearly a god. There are a lot of art films which are actually good and many of the Indians watch them too but we rarely watch those types of english films.

    Piyush thinking that everyone watches english films and reads english book just for getting noticed by gals is totaly lame. Many watch and read just because of interest. And Harry Potter is nothing but a kids novel. English literature isn’t limited to that. As most of us studied in English mediums it’s easier for us to read compared to hindi. Even reading a hindi comic is difficult for us that is because of what we were taught and how we were taught not because we want to look cool or anything.

    And yeah qwertymaniac’s link is non-existent you might want to change it to harshj.com

  3. thanks karthick for pointing out broken link! 😀
    and ya, coming back to point,
    as you said, why do we create only “mushy” films and “Hero-oriented” films n all?? Only because people watch and encourage such films. And there are other reasons why film industry is not so sophisticated enough to create speilburg kinda films n all.. I do agree english films “may be” better, but its not that Indian films are crap! Its not that easy maybe. Lets wait for someone to have a film based on why Indian films are bad, and what are the difficulties and constraints behind why Indian films are not good as English. I am sure it would again come back to politics and people and other common reasons…
    *just my thoughts*

  4. I do agree that Indian movies are not crap but the money is at all the wrong places and not were it is needed that is because producers want profit and most of the action flick look like copied from english as they have nearly done everything.
    And yeah that is Karthik, not Tamil Karthick its malayalam Karthik. Just a bit cranky about my spelling

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