Mind, heart and women….

Hmmm.. the issue of why women behave like this and that, and why men don’t understand many things has been the talk from the time, both were born! Intelligent people blame it on the genes, but I guess its almost true. Its the way the men and women developed themselves over these ages. In some books, they have given the explanation that its due to the pre-historic age, in which man worked for living while women in the cave looked after the family. That gives in for most of the behavior, but it also provides an insight of how human beings evolve over the ages.

The human being itself is a big complicated topic to talk about. Lots of things like God, existence of universe, and also the human beings are all matters to talk about, but the most intricate will be the human mind. There has been lots of theories on artificial intelligence which states how does human brain work, the explanations of various senses, feelings, reasoning, movements, etc etc. Thats too much into science now.

In general, people keep saying women think by heart while men think using mind and are more practical.Does heart think?? Is there something like heart? Whats brain does then? Is mind and brain same? What do people mean by practicality? Coming in terms with reality? Is there something like living in dreams then? Why does people think that only women are weak and men are strong while its just the opposite always!

Don’t we have a subconscious mind like a sixth sense which governs all our decisions? Trained like all other senses to get adjusted to the reality? Which also kindles the feelings of hopes n dreams and wishes named as wishes of heart? Which creates the different feelings of joy, sorrow, pain, disappointment, need, wants, affection, attraction with the help of chemical substances called hormones? Aren’t the terms practicality an abstract term which suppresses our feelings?

And everywhere they keep saying, women are stupid and weak. Why do they love their mothers then? For being stupids and idiots or cos of the love n affection? Why do they feel lonely without girlfriends? Is it only cos of the physical attraction or cos they need someone who understands them? If women are not so practical, then how can they take care of the family and the household? They say women are weak and always takes things to heart, if they too were practical as the guys were, why would ever guys turn to gals for support? Women are indeed practical, but they do think with heart or their instinct, just as how they protected their children n themselves by identifying danger in the prehistoric age. Men do have feelings and emotions more than women, but unlike women, they are used to not to show them out and move on easily.
(So beware, even when a woman says ‘nothing’ that means there is really ‘something’ and she wants the man to understand it implicitly!! 😛 But men rarely realizes it, but with age n time, the successful men realize it soon!!!)
Women also can argue and they can reason you out, and they can lead you or the business too, but everywhere they accept the defeat so that their men can win.And cos they are brought up in that way by the time.

Its really pity that some men don’t give the respect to woman as much as she needs and instead keep hurting her…


  1. hey nice post, i am not a feminist, but tell you what… women are superior 😉 in many ways , far better than men.

    Heard of the phrase ” Therez a woman behind a successful man” ? and never about a “man behind a woman”– well the real meaning is that,men need support to be successful whislt women are strong enuf to support themselves. 😛

  2. Hi girls

    i m not a typo of man side or woman side

    its like our culture i beleive and nothing like that man is better or woman

    both are like two sides of coin

    woman they are really very practical and strong from heart

    man weak from mind and very weak from heart but they are superioir acc to our culture

    but yarr its both who can run life train

  3. @Neha: “Heard of the phrase ” Therez a woman behind a successful man” ?”
    Oh yeah! I’ve heard of women running behind successful men 😛

    @Arch: “Its really pity that some men don’t give the respect to woman as much as she needs and instead keep hurting her…”

    Heres a rant worth reading 🙂

  4. @Vinothraj: nice article there, but I guess it specifically says about “nice men” and I have said here about “some” men like the author of the rant you specified!!!!

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