For you…

Yesterday it was “Happy Mother’s Day”. This year I am missing my mom lot, she is just a call away, but still.. She calls me up daily, but still… She called me yesterday too, but… I still couldn’t say that! Lot many people keep saying that they hug and kiss their mom’s. And at the same time, they hide many facts from their mothers so that their moms don’t get hurt… I too do the same, but I try not to lie.. I just cant… She is always there for you, as a support, morally, when you are down at times and physically, when you are ill… Sometimes we feel that the generation gap has grown up too much that, we say excuses and lies to go out and do things which we feel right.. But I guess we often forget the fact, that no one can understand us better than our mom… I got a sms forward from my friend yesterday which absolutely said everything about her:
She loves you,
She cries for you,
She prays for you,
She gets concerned & angry at you,
She is none other than your mother.
Make your mother smile today…
Happy Mother’s Day!!

I love you amma.. And I miss you too….

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