Mélange – Random Tidbits – V

I guess, I will have more similar posts. There are so many topics but nothing much to say about it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it enough to discard too. Just a few notes to self, or kinda thinking-aloud posts. The random tidbits I guess, hence would repeat. Maybe I just should change the random tidbits post title to something else. Any suggestions?

Valentine’s day is over, and now there is not much of Mutalik. People have got immersed in central and state budgets and elections and recession brooding. What happened to the anti-Mutalik organizations and the gifts? Even if the day was peaceful, there were attacks here and there. I am sure no actions would have been taken against the attackers. How can it be if there are no complaints. Which makes me think of the stupid clause of complaints. As long as the victims are harassed and threatened how can they complain? Not even in this case, but in any case. Say some beggars are killed on the street, won’t be there any action on the killers? Strange.

The current state of the world and country is so alarming sometimes. The recent murders in the Bangalore city, the inactive government, the Indo – Pak tensions over Kasab and now, the new threat of Taliban. And in between the elections are coming. The elections and other parliamentary activities remind me of the film Yuva and Nayakan. I really wished at some times, why youngsters are not present in the government. The protests in the Loksabha and other houses, by hurling that and this, standing up on benches, beatings, make me really wonder are they the dignified rulers of the country. And there are the wars between states and the central. If one says A the other says B. The unity, which is needed for development or progress of the country is sometimes missing.  But its also true, that its very difficult to bring in a change in these matters, and it needs altogether a kinda Independence struggle to achieve the changes.

The Delhi-6 songs are driving me crazy at times. If its a dull mood, the Arziyaan song lifts me up, and if I am in a good mood, the Masakkali and the Dilli-6 songs makes my foot tap. Similar songs like  Piya Haji Ali, and Aaya tere dar par deewana from Veer Zaara, Khwaja mere khwaja from Jodhaa Akbar, Maula mere lele meri jaan from Chak De had similar impacts on me. The classical Hindustani songs do have an influence on me, I don’t know why. No wonder, why Shreya Ghoshal has become a recent favourite of mine, after the Bhor Bhaaye song from the Delhi-6.But apart from this film, there are not much movies to look out for now. Is recession going on in film industry too?

The pressure reaches its peak at some point and then goes down. This is all about my finding a job. I could blame the recession, but I know myself, that its the indecisiveness in me. Though I am active on twitter, I sometimes do hesitate to move out of my home, and interact with others. I am still digging up the old active me, inside me, asking it to wake up, on every morning. Mostly it fails me by the evening. I do try to catch up with the new resolution of mine to keep the blog updated frequently. Today I am happy that I finished updating the Tutorial post which was pending from a long time.


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