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Twitter is making waves. If you still do not know about it, you are far behind the technology updates. To know more about twitter click here. Wanna follow me? My handle at twitter is @archonline.

There have been twitter plugins and widgets to embed the twitter updates onto your blog. Twitter itself provides the widgets and code for you. But if you want more, you can code it yourself.

Thinking along this track, I was searching and fumbling around with the Twitter Api and some CSS tricks. There are so many tutorials on using the Api, but I was not much familiar with the hi-end coding.

Twitter page

The tutorialblog site gives you a simple method of using the twitter updates. It did not much used coding or did not used the basic twitter api calls anywhere. The code was as such from the Twitter site. Only the CSS part was changed and photoshop was used. Any images can be used for background. And here it was, a beautiful page created for you without any coding knowledge. So cool na.


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