Love day updates for 2014

Over the weekend, saw Aashiqui2, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I know its too late, almost one year after the release, but nevertheless its a romantic movie. The chemistry between Aditya Roy Kapur and Shradha Kapoor, the lead actors were indeed sizzling.

What I loved in it the most is the raw and real feelings, if at all, we were to be believed that there are really such kind hearted persons in the music industry. It indeed had the so-common theme of placing of trust through few words, or based on the intuition, and then losing it, the thin line edge between loving more and being more dependent. Though the love is fulfilled, its not forever. The short lived love story, as in books, which lingers around and leaves you wanting for more of their love sparks.

This was so better than the first Aashiqui, where its just expressionless actors and actresses singing few songs. Heck, I don’t even remember the story. I am largely impressed by this new crop of actors who does fairly well, except for some real dramatic scenes where they faltered like any other inexperienced actors unable to handle both the expressions, and the strength of the words they speak out. The empathetic missing father who keeps talking on the phone, though helps to reveal the talk going on in the actor’s head, would be termed by my definition, not-so-efficient handling of the script.

What I not loved is the way they indirectly promoted suicide. The love story could have been ended on the same note, with say, some disease or accident coming in between. But suicide? Though the actress sums it up in one word, as traitor, it should have been more like fool or stupid. It should have promoted something on a positive note, to show that addiction can be cured. Dependency can be cured. He had became indeed the biggest failure by taking the extreme step, and becomes unworthy of maintaining a good reputation after death. I am not blaming the persons who do suicide in real life, because we can empathize with their mental depressive state. But films having the social influencing capability, and the directors realizing that, I would have preferred a different take, just like bloggers aim to provide a meaningful message or solution to the readers, rather than encourage negativity in their minds.

And in another contrast, I also watched Shudh Desi Romance on Saturday. Parineeti and Sushant were natural and better than I expected, but the script was indeed so awkward and strange that it showed on their faces. The bubbly love story theme is quite a fantasy and completely wrong as per the norms of the society, but the commitment phobia is indeed the theme the film is talking about. There is nothing sensual or erotic and one does not even feel even a pinch of actual love throughout the whole story, everything occurs as whimsical which is so unreal. The script seems so out of place and looks like jigsaw puzzle without giving the big picture in any corner. It belongs to the league of Fukrey and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, with similar theme of small villages and unrealistic stories.

In the midst of it all, maybe because I was doing more reading on Reiki and the concept of spirit of the universe, I was reminded of soulmates. Stories have been told and still exists of those soul mates who never could be united. It clarifies many queries, as to how we can indeed find love again and again, and each love is unique in its own way, and that there is no right one and wrong one and certainly not the perfect one, but only one of the many we could encounter in our various lives, who helps us to find and be ourselves and also fuels up our personal growth. It also reminds me of the book, Brida, though when I read it early, I could not understand it fully. On the surface, we are so addicted to the physical love, that we tend to forget there is the possibility of divine love too, which can actually bind two people irrespective of whether they are married and not, and it clearly paves way for senseful understanding of live-in relationships.


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