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Writetribe posted a prompt on Saturday asking you to write freely. I then start thinking, what to write in the blog. About personal events or thoughts? Or post any info on useful topics. The blog should not end up as an online cribbing diary. People will then ask what is the point in writing so personally to unknown readers, if you are not making any money or business out of it. Blogs which are just an outlet to vent off the feelings are meaningless. On this bashing thoughts, mind stops the churning of posts based on its creative communication ability.


I closed my eyes. The in-numerous questions and the saddening thoughts revolved around me giving a headache. I try to break free from them as told, and try concentrating on the breathing. I notice that it’s struggling to find its rhythm. The devil bashes me on again for the breathing too. Unable to hold even the simple pleasures? And then the angel appears with the smile showering the warmth of loving hugs. Love yourself. Say good bye to the past. Smile. Don’t hide behind the smile, the devil retorted. Torn between devil and the sea of love. The crazy universe!!


Happiness. Satisfaction. Humanity. Companionship. Understanding. Sharing. Networking. Connections. The words which we think most of our time. The search for friends of the soul. The hope that some spirit of the universe would hear my inner voice, what I actually feel, which I cannot express verbally or through actions. The prayers to the universe to find and involve me in the group where I belong to. The feeling of contentment on seeing few comments expressing empathy, left on the blog by visitors. The reason for why I feel like blogging, sometimes to the extent of revealing the bare personal emotions.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


  1. Actually, that is exactly what blogs are about: expressing feelings. For some, it’s an expression of the self while for the readers, it is a way of identifying with the writer. And, yes, comments are always welcomed šŸ™‚

  2. there is no harm in sharing feelings and emotions on a blog! it helps us connect with others, because one way or the other, we all go through the same phases of life just in a different way!

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