Blogging journey recompiled.

Though its been written before in bits and pieces in many other posts, I searched and couldn’t find a single post for the history of the blog. So when I saw this blogpost at Vishal’s blog linking to Suzy’s bloghop, I jumped onto to it to recompile the journey of the blog.

Details on how I started blogging.

List of plugins I installed and played with long before

My thoughts on theme mania I had in those days

Some of the posts which I found thought provoking even if they are not the best grammatically.

Why I got the domain name

How did I arrive on the blog title?

When I started the blog, I had no idea that there is something special called “blog title”. I named it the most simplest way, Archana’s blog. The wordpress blog was hosted on a friend’s web hosting website, and I played with themes and plugins and hacks. And then I got the domain name few years ago. I changed the blog title to because I wanted to get the name popular. Few months ago, when I realized blog title and blog URL are being considered differently in the blogging world, I tried to find a pattern on my blog posts. Mostly I ended up writing some tidbits, random thoughts, totally unrelated. I thought why not name it as potpourri, but I was unsure of the spelling of that pot thing, and wanted a simple word to represent a group of unrelated items. This word, melange came to my mind then, maybe because I also liked the clothing line from Lifestyle under the same name.

PS: Yeah, I am sometimes so lazy enough not to link the words and rather give out the list as such. Its way better, ain’t it? 🙂


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