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I got my reading habit from my father. I remember reading “Far from the madding crowd” by Thomas Hardy, owned by him when I was very young. When I read the book in high school, I did not understood a single word. Though my sister too was interested in books, the children’s membership was entitled to me, and so I enjoyed a major share of Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton, Secret Seven, and Famous Five. Though I did not understand the political part, I was so influenced by the diary writing from “The diary of young girl” by  Anne Frank , that I started writing a diary and hiding it from my parents and locking in my wardrobe in between my clothes. But at the same time, I am not so in love with the hard core book addicts like the little ones immersed in heavy Harry Potter books at the airport, who should be actually making ruckus and running around and like real little children.

I had read on internet, about mommies who want to instill reading habit in their children, by reading to them everyday. Though I do read occasionally, I am not a voracious reader, neither do I have patience to read out and tell stories to others. As like any mother, I also want my child to read, and hence I enrolled for Little Reader’s Nook By Devaki. Initially I was apprehensive, whether it was worth the money, since N is not interested in books, and the few books she already have, has got tears and pages pulled out by now, due to her fiddling. But the books I received were really age-appropriate(compared to another reader kit I had subscribed to), and N had atleast one book, which she considers her favourite from the lot of books we receive every month. Now the onus is onto me, to cultivate the patience in me, to sit and read for few minutes with her, bearing her antics, while I read my lungs out, even if I know she is least interested in the English I speak, and more excited to pull out the folded papers. And the customer service was also very good. Devaki was very prompt and responsive to all the queries, intimidating every details of the shipment and books each month, and in reminding to renew the subscription. The personal touch and involvement makes you feel its not a company based service, but rather a friendly next-door neighbour service for your child.

Now that I am settled with the book reading subscription, I am thinking of starting the art and craft based subscription kits in preparation for the summers. Which one do you reckon in Bangalore, or from India?

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