Analogy of solar system

Few years ago, while I worked in Chennai, I remember having a discussion with my colleague on friendships. Yeah, you guessed it. I love thinking on such topics. The most used tag in this blog is obviously relationships and thoughts.

It came naturally for me to reply with an analogy of circles. I replied that gangs of friends can be considered like the orbits in a solar system, where in every person you meet in real life is a gravitational connection you make like the sun to the planets. They circle around you either closer or farther in an orbit with a gravitational force proportional to the wavelength of moral principles or values followed by the both you and them. But unlike the force from the sun, this wavelength is not static and therefore the orbit is also not exactly circular or elliptical but in similar closed shape. More like an amoeba circumference. It does not differentiate between family or friends or spouse. There maybe orbits close to each other or seems to overlap, which confuses your relationships, but there are subtle differences which differentiates them, and places them in their own orbit. And to complicate more, You or the sun can themselves act as planets revolving around some other Sun or person.

This can explain to a satisfactory extent on love, attraction, breakups, death, and not keeping in touch, etc. We keep in touch by not reducing the gravitational force towards the people we want to be close with. If there is a clash in the wavelength of thoughts there arises repulsive forces which may weaken the gravitational force allowing them to break off from the orbit. Love has more magnitude in the force than attraction. And hence even if you can be attracted to many, very few can be in your immediate circles including family or any other relative whom you are very close to. And the people who are in your memory or have died are still revolving around you, but with less force since you haven’t broken away from them, even if they have broke away from you.

I am still thinking on moulding other bits and pieces of this theory, for instance, the emphasis of time and lifespan in this unique complicated world. Do you have any inputs to help me out?

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