The tea break..

She woke up her obedient daughter. It was getting late to school. The school van would be arriving within an hour. She went back to kitchen to complete preparing the breakfast. Time ticked on. She was so engrossed in her morning household work, that she was startled when the little one came behind her asking for her dose of milk and cornflakes. The warmth of motherhood flowed into the household environment, till the school van honked to announce its arrival to pick the daughter up. As she waved her good bye smilingly, the light from the aura of excitement and love, went down slowly. She walked back to the kitchen, had her breakfast and prepared herself a cup of tea. She sipped it slowly, standing in the balcony of her apartment, as she does daily. This was the special short break time, before she immersed herself back to the chores…Far across the road, in a small hut, the workshop was already opened early in the morning. Maybe he had got more workload today…

With unknown eyes watching from the distance, the blacksmith had started doing his job. He had got a great offer yesterday to complete an assignment within one day. He had arrived at his workshop much early that day. Before the sun started getting hot, he immersed himself in melting and beating the hot iron rod, with great energy and precision. The process of moulding and shaping was very hard but the reward had always been minimal. The boy from the nearby tea vendor shop arrived with his cup of tea in a mini glass. He kept his weapon down, and started sipping it slowly watching the increasing traffic on the road, as he does daily. This was his short break before he immersed back into his back breaking work…The tall apartment buildings with beautiful balconies and tall windows, across the road reminded him of his small dreams of owning a piece of land..

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