Film Review – Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Well.. Yesterday watched the film, but Ididnt find the film so bad and sucking…
The film was slow and dragging Ii agree, but the story theme is acceptable… atleast outside india and among the higher societies of india itself.. in the fast pacing run of our life, its hard to work out a marriage and when the peopl e at both sides cant take or adjust beyond a limit, this happens…. then what does the increasing number of divorce says??? in india mayb, ppl adjust more and live like that just to make their families happy.. they all mayb happy, but to how much extent is the contentment.. no one speaks out abt it…..
In this film too everyone is happy at times.. all the characters are good.. thinking on the indian old style, we can think like dev and rhea cud have adjusted a bit more, by rhea adjusting a bit more(as kirron kher says) or rishi and maya cud also have lived more happily, if they adjusted a bit more by finding out the others needs… but is this what one really wants of his/her own??? leave the family, society and ppl .. just the individuals….why does life turns out to be just a mere adjustment with some friend or known person??


  1. Today I read review of KANK on some blog…it was written…that SRK is slapped in this initially I was not planning for KANK…but now Im renting a DVD for sure this weekend 🙂

  2. well, I feel that it had potential, the story…but the way the movie is made…is not great….

    I mean, by itself its not a great, even good film…

  3. @Zoonie: well, it does have cool scenes like that.. 😛

    @chandni: ya, me too saying about the story only.. film is of nothing special. even the direction went bad this time…

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