Film Review – Black – B, L, A, C, K

Yesterday, I saw the film ‘Black’. I have always been a fan of Sanjay Leela Bansali from ‘Hum Dile De Chuke Sanam’ and ‘Devdas’. His direction, the way of portraying the characters, the presentation, the music, the colours…
The three strong characters, Michelle as a girl and as a woman and the teacher portrayed in the shades of black. The frustration of the young girl whose life is always full of darkness…She is blind, deaf and dumb… (Helen Keller??? Ahem.. I dono…) She founds herself a path through that blackness… And with the help of the teacher, she finally becomes a graduate! The man God she finds in that teacher, who maker her feel the meaning of words and reactions, meaning of mother, father, and finally a woman herself…She smells the beauty of life, the success of failure, determination, will power, emotions of love and trust, and the pain of darkness…Also portrayed is the Alzheimer’s disease of the teacher as the film moves towards the climax, where he fails to memorize all the small things. It’s the same state as the small girl, but the only difference is, even in the light, we find ourselves in dark… Man is really nothing without memories though he has all the senses…
The script seems fast in the beginning when we fail to understand how the teacher gets through the small child’s heart. There are no songs in the film and the background music is superb. Overall it is a worth-watch film.


  1. It is the fantastic movie and best from Bhansali…personally I like the Michelle (I dont remember the name of child actor but she got best supporting actress awards) She was superb in this film and sometimes feels she is actually blind and deaf..

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