Film Review – Mitr – my friend

Today, me down with small fever. So at home now. Being at home alone, i can realize the loneliness and the refuge one gets from internet at that time. Some days back, had seen the film ‘mitr’ which portrayed the worries of a married woman living in US. She remains at home whole day cookin and cleaning the house all alone, with no one to even talk to. Her expectations from her husband and daughter and when they both could not decrease her loneliness because of their own issues, she finds solace in an online friend, who at the end turns out to be none other than her husband! The film carries a strange remark-sometimes it gives us a different perspective when we talk to strangers. I don’t know how much this is true but it makes me happy when i talk to online people,to know that people listens……..


  1. Hello Archana!! My name is also Archana and just searching my name in google search I came across ur blog.
    Ur blog kept me glued to my computer for long time.Its too good.
    U r similar to me in many aspects.I read thru ur post in which u wrote ur own thoughts but it felt like they the tnigs I think and u hav penned them here.

    Keep it up
    With Love

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