June Musings – Random Tidbits

.:. As school reopened got time to watch few things on tv. The latest being 12 final days on Federer. I had never heard of Roger Federer until I came to settle down in Bangalore after my marriage. Benefits of marriage huh? 

As explained my journey into sports, Federer was an important part of my initial years in Bangalore, watching him, knowing more about him. But when life happened, the sports ran away from our lives like the soft toy we all cuddled in our childhood which remains as a show piece in our living rooms. I came to know about his retirement on Twitter/Instagram through his personal message to fans. And then the iconic image of the two blue men, sharing tears over the end of their professional relationship.

While scouting past the Federer post, I stumbled upon the mindless ramblings I made on blog. Made me think of my early days of blogging when I blogged without a tinge of shame but with full vulnerability, way before I came across Brene Brown books. A thought of what if I could restart them. I realised how much I have accumulated the shame and the fear of what others think. Though I proclaim I dont have them anymore, I could see its invisible hands creating a wall around me and trapping in. And I presume its the same for many other bloggers who dont blog much about their personal lives, instead writing professionally or to create SEO based essays to bring in more ranking and page hits or look plain geeky!

 .:. The emotional story of men reminds me other instances where I felt deeply moved by men crying. Ted Lasso recently reminded that most men hide their anxieties behind smiles and jokes. Mammooty from Kathal and other innumerable scenes from ITV and Mollywood, Bollywood… The YouTube series by Nikhil Taneja, on being a man, being a parent etc all shows the reality that all humans are same emotional freaks, not a feature available to only women. 

.:.We watched InsideOut2 on a random whim which made me realise two things. Random spontaneous plans sometimes give way to shaking or moving the stale state of life especially if you are being stuck. Secondly, the subtle message that nostalgia granny is better confined to that room so as to have better control of our emotions. Maybe because I am getting old, I am stuck onto being a granny myself at times! 

.:. At times, when the teenage girl is busy with her lives, I wonder about how my life is shaping up and how my time is whiling away, rekindling the thoughts of restarting work. Also reminds me of how I stopped working to prioritise my life over the stress of work life balance. Way before therapy sessions, some instinct told me that I was not cut out for the rat race. So the new me is still open to do something meanignful which doesnt take up full time and create more stress in my mind. But in this recession, I guess it’s hard to find that unique soul job waiting out for me.

.:. Twitter is buzzing with AI and HSR startup meets. If we talk in terms of Google SEO keywords those are the two primary themes in my TL. Till elections there were other trolls too, but since the invention of mute on Twitter, I love using it. A very very Very useful tool. Even with all the faults it’s the one social media that has been carrying me over the years even after the new chick Instagram came and swept me off the feet for a few years… 

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