Anti Sportsperson

I have never been a sports person. I have been very weak physically in my childhood years, and hence was not sent to any sports class. Quite the opposite, RK played badminton very well in his younger days. He was the one to introduce me the rules of many sports, like badminton, tennis and table tennis.

Eager to start with some activity together, we enrolled in the Bangalore Games and Fitness Club in Malleshpalya near the place we stayed earlier. He went for badminton doubles and I used to be the sole female who just watched her man from a corner, rather than playing along in newbie courts. In those times, I played tennis, badminton and table tennis for the first time in actual sports ground.

I also ended up watching the whole of Football WorldCup Final after midnight. And just like him, I became a fan of Roger Federer. While I am writing this post, watching the Australian open 2014 live on Star Sports, I remember how I wrote an analysis on him after watching the same Grand Slam in 2009. But gender differences mattered here too and I ended up admiring Roger, the human being, and the doting husband, rather than watching his tennis points!

Apart from being bloggers and churning out creative blog posts, what sports do you like to watch or play?


  1. I wish I could play a lot of sports, but I was a weakly child in school. I love to watch football, I wish I could play it though. Hopefully I’ll live the sporting life vicariously through my son.

    My daughter like me is not sporting at all.

  2. When I went for basketball selection, the coach in school kindly asked me not to try out for it after seeing me play clumsily around 🙂 I was over-weight then too lol! I was a kho- kho star – for 1 game I think 😀 I am hoping the kiddo would love some sports…right now all the classes we have gone to – he hasn’t been too thrilled 😀

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