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I started this site long back in 2005,, when I was too much immersed in the adventures of internet. For me, It was then a trial run of gathering knowledge regarding blogging, hosting, domain names, designing, gaining more site views etc rather than posting content. Over the years and months, I realized blogging is much more and in itself is a world of its own. You get to sew a world with the unknown blogger pals, and commentators, and the passer-by.

I started writing about some personal thoughts and happenings of life. As I got more interested in the online world, some tutorials, and links were being shared, with the infrequent bursts of shayariand senti posts here and there. I was just posting one or two, or rarely, as I didn’t get to think much and did not give much importance to jotting down the thoughts. By 2006 mid year, I got ample time to rant about all the trivial things in my life, May 2007 being the month in which posted maximum. I kept changing the themes to keep alive the designing interest in me, and also tried again at the online link love part too. And now, I am even trying out the ad sense which is, you can call as, the second generation of my blog!!!

The idea of writing about the journey of blogging came from About-meme tag, and was wondering myself what others think of my blog. 😛

So what do you think of my blog? or to frame it in different way, what is this blog all about??? 🙂


  1. I read your blog to know how women/girls think. 😀

    This blog feeds share of sentiment that I need. (I’m am damn senti- for starters).

    Just because we have a personal blog mean you can’t ramble on anything (unless you don’t want to build your blog). The key to take to some directions that readers like and you’re passionate about.

  2. ^^ Thank you..
    but another dose of advise : don’t generalise views regarding women/girls from my posts. Each one is different in its own way!!!! 😉

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