Film review – Mozhi….

I had been wanting to see this Tamil film from so long. Everyone said its a good film, but I could watch it only recently.If you ask me the story, its a simple one in which the hero is a jovial guy who falls in love with a dumb and deaf neighbour girl. There is nothing special about it to write an essay on it, but, at some points, you feel you are lifted towards the world of silence. In which only actions speaks; the sign language. The screenplay was good. The ending is easily predictable again, but the way it is portrayed, is different.

The film speaks of the different perspectives of the heroine who is dumb and deaf. It tries to explain what is “Mozhi” (words/speech/talk) in her view, what or how does music sounds to her. Apart from the main character, there are few characters which reveals the essence of revealing out the hidden buried pains in our minds. And how it affects our decisions and minds, in our day-to-day life. It asks us to weep out the pains instead of suppressing all our anguish and sorrows so that our mind is free… Also shown is the moving on in life by some people, though tragedy occurs in their life. To be short, an attempt to portray some trivial things of life… I liked only one song of the film, so music not that outstanding. The story spreads to too many lives of persons and is not complete with respect to one person.

Overall a rating of 7.5 to 8 out of 10.

NB: And the interesting point in this film was the main lead girl’s name was Archana!!! 😛


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