IT ya Non-IT?

The Times of India job supplement, Ascent, had six pages today. Few weeks back, it contained mostly advertisements of the newspaper itself rather than of any jobs. I could find in that today, a few job openings were there. Even if it is one or two companies, it may be indicating that the situation is improving. Or atleast a hope, that it may improve.

On top of it, last day I heard a good news that one of our friends who was out of job for months, had finally got a job. And also another news that some others almost want to quit their job, because they are enough of it! Contradiction! Right?

Is that what is happening now these days? With the people who work in IT field? Some wants to quit, some wants to shift to some 9 to 5 job, and some other wants to start their own business. Earlier, I remember colleagues bragging about leaving their job to pursue MBA and higher studies; mostly abroad. And the most of the remaining ones who still cling on have reached the equilibrium state. The recession and the slowdown, the less number of projects and more work with less number of people; are these the reasons? In other words, is this just because of the current scenario? Or have the employees really tired of IT industry?

Recently, I have also read in some advice columns, people asking the shortcut methods to get into the same software field. They are thinking of diploma courses or other similar ways. Guess its just the feeling of other side green.

I just realize I could somewhat relate this to the Bollywood or film or modeling industry. New and upcoming models, actors work hard in getting into this stream, but most of them drops out after being not so successful as they thought. Is it a coincidental analogy? Maybe not. Both have one thing in common. Money. Maybe people think that its an easy way to get the money once you are in both fields. Just that maybe they do not realize, its not the field, but the “outcome” of hard “work” that pays!!


  1. How about being unemployed for 20 months? That’s how recession became a part of my life :). Pray for me didi..

    Came in here from some other site. Looks cool. Best wishes for your blogging venture. God bless!


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