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…This month, I stumbled on many personal blogs, mostly blogs hosted at blogs, but ended up not following them, since those blogs had partial feeds in my Feedly reader. I wonder whether they know that you have an option in WordPress Dashboard – Settings – Reading (/wp-admin/options-reading.php) asking you “For each article in a feed show summary or full text”.

…Every morning the question of “what to make for lunch/dinner” runs in the back of my mind automatically. And today I ended up customising Aloo Mutter for Nayana, as there were already leftovers for others. I noticed that you need not add mustard seeds to every single dish; the taste is way better without them. I realized its one of the biggest mistakes made by every South Indian woman. Don’t you think so? (Yes, I have read Chinese recipes with mustard seasoning!)

…The popular story for the little one currently is that of Baby Bahadur, the sleepy elephant. This book was received as part of Little Reader’s Nook reader’s kit. The story is very simple and involves many animals apt for the age. I have literally read it out innumerous times, that I can memorize all the words and sentences of the book. And still Nayana wants to read it every single day. I am just awaiting for the fresh lot of books for the February month.

…The January month was also a politically active month. From AAP getting into power in Delhi to the interview of Rahul Gandhi two days ago, with the infamous dharna and now the Twitter retweets. Though I don’t know much on Modi, I am sure of my not-so-good opinion on Rahul Gandhi. I believe the goals of AAP is comparatively better than the others, but I doubt whether they will sail through the storm of real dirty national politics. But it has already stirred up our interest to register for voting this year.

…There are days when I feel I should move out and get a self-hosted wordpress blog. But I still am not sure whether I can really afford it just for personal purposes when I am not any making anything out of it. Over the years I have changed hosting, changed the domain name, but still, I have not able to build up a good network. Every time I comment on a blog, I wonder which identity to choose. I miss installing themes and plugins.This year, my focus is to improve the writing. So I feel I need a base ground which would remain as the home for the blog for the next few years.

What do you recommend? Should I go for the self-hosted one, or just build up my content on this And which categories or niche do I fare better? Please let me know in the comments on any suggestions you can think of. And did I mention that I started a Facebook page for this blog? Please shower your likes on that page too.


  1. I am not sure about mustard seeds…but i add it anyway 😀 Read this post from one of my friends about self-hosting- before you do it – very insightful and full of honest and good advice – . I personally think you shoud build the content … then maybe you can move onto self-hosted. there is no right or wrong time. But I am not the right person to be advising because I am on wordpress… and I am not planning to move very soon.

    1. yeah, I know I need to really churn out posts.. I have been there before, the self hosting part, but not professionally.. and I have dont lots of experimentation, so not that afraid on that part. but it was all teenage playing that time..not the professional growth.. and yesterday I did paid on an impulse.. 😐

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