The touchy issue

On some days when the motherhood love flows outward uncontrollably, there would be a lot of hugging, kissing, cuddling, and even stroking between us. She would sometimes ask to let go, but I would hold her and cajole her, saying that I feel like doing so, since I love her.

At the same time, I realize how I am laying a trap for myself in the future. As she grows up, how will I distinguish the unwanted touch. These days as we can infer from the newspapers, more than the touch from the strangers, the advances coming from our own family members or the neighbours needs to be scrutinized more. And to add to it, babies as young as 2 years or 14 months are being affected. In this hectic schedule, daycare and nannies are not avoidable. At such a young age, how are we going to make them realize that some touches are okay and some are not. Today’s children are somewhat smart, and may avoid strangers. But can we pinpoint that she needs to be alert and inform me if the driver uncle carried her for a while, or if she was asked to sit on the lap by the neighbour? I know its being overcautious, but prevention is always better.

In Facebook, the following video were making rounds for the education of the kids recently.

Every time I go out with her, she gets a pinch on her cheek for her cuteness. I myself have been guilty for doing the same, when I was younger. But now, I refrain. Atleast I try to. If I do not like a stranger stroking my cheeks, even if it is my father’s friend, why should we do that to the young people. Shouldn’t the society who is raising its voice slowly these days understand these explanations implicitly?

Like any other mother, though the fear is increasing gradually day by day, life moves on holding onto that simple word called hope. The hope that she would trust me, the most. The hope that she will reveal everything to me. The hope that I would be able to protect her. The hope that humanity would still exist and will never die.


  1. The news in today’s newspaper about that 65 year old guy and the 4 yr old little girl – shocked me. And then on the inside there was another one in which there was a 22 yr old guy and a 4 yr old. What is really happening to our society… seriously I am so so worried to even let Aarya out of my sight for 5 minutes; cannot trust anyone these days – it is so sick. And you cannot watch a TV program without some inappropriate Ad or song – so what will the children understand that what they see on TV is ok , so what this guy is doing is ok too?
    I am guilty of touching kids on there cheeks and heads too but nowadays I refrain from any kind of physical touch. I smile and say hello, that’s all. But how do you tell the uncles and aunties to refrain without sounding rude?
    What is happening to our society? and why is this happening?

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