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Few days to go to complete the blogathon challenge. And I am still in rambling mode. More than as a challenge to write everyday for just 30 days I believe its kind of a nudge to wake up and do something creative. So I keep telling myself the challenge is not going to end here, but has just started. From February, the challenge would be to keep the momentum stay or not to let the spark switch off again. So instead of rambling again on my personal day to day happenings, I guess I would just share what I have been doing, when I am not thinking or creating a post on its own. I used to do Webscape Tidbits long before to share the links in this blog.

Though I am not that into cooking, I like to approach whatever love I have towards it, in a technical manner. Hence I was searching today for the cooking basics, like how to hold a knife, how to julienne vegetables etc.

The first thing in every single social media platform to fill up is the bio or profile. Something about yourself. And then you start thinking what to write. One of the keywords in twitter I used in my bio is introvert, because I thought I am not outgoing enough to talk to strangers in the real world, but recently I stumbled across the word “ambivert” from this blog. And then I found this assessment to find out whether you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

I am slowly realizing, that its not worth to use the short form N for my daughter who has a beautiful name. Though it was brought to my notice by my friend two years ago, I was reluctant to use her full name in the blog. The same reason applies for why I use RK in this blog to refer to the man in the house.

After Nayana was born, I rarely listened to the new songs, or get updated with the movies. Between the minutes here and there, today I got to hear this song Zehnaseeb from Hasee To Phasee which is catching onto me for its music, video and the beautiful voices of Chinmayi and Shekhar.

Which song is on your mind these days?


  1. Hmmm….I never really bothered about techniques.. but I can see it could make my life easier πŸ˜€ Nayana is a beautiful name, and I need to hear this song πŸ™‚

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