Help yourself?

The initiative of marathon blogging which sort of became my inspiration last month, could never be done. And then, when I thought it lasted, they started the Project 52, to post atleast one every week. More than returning to blogging to release my cumulative feelings, there is one more reason I really want to do this.

Over the weekend, N slept early one day, allowing us to catch a break free movie, English Vinglish. The movie was good, but what strike me was the resemblance. The way she wanted to help herself. It seemed that the dialogue was told by me to myself. Many a times, being at home, when you really feel the urge to do something, I just lose my heart. Sometimes, the question maybe what to do, and sometimes, it may be which one to do. And then I end up doing nothing, with the overwhelming thoughts bogging me and my mood down. The problem then starts. I lose my patience easily, and sometimes even end up shouting or spanking N. And then the retrospection phase begins and ends up with decision to do something the very next day. The cycle always continues.

I suppose, if not being productive or creative, I should atleast release the built up thoughts either in the form of a diary or a blog. The former has the privacy advantage, while the latter has the chances of any feedback or response to boost you up. I am picking up the latter for the time being.

Let me see whether I can help myself.

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