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These discussions started with me and my friends long back itself. Discussions regarding the beliefs of religion and the existence of God. In all those discussions, I used to agree with them, saying that, ya, I too not sure who is God, why I am following the prayers, etc etc. I could not give a satisfactory answer to myself that time. The same conflict used to happen with me and my mom too. Her extreme devotion and the rituals and prayers used to drive me mad sometimes. Its not that I hate these rituals or I consider them meaningless, but just that anything over-done is unacceptable to me.

I have seen or read people fighting for the equality of religions and Gods, which traces back to where did these religions came from, the various definitions of it, the right’s and wrong’s of different religious rules, way of living, how right (or wrong) you are if you are an atheist etc etc. If we were to found out the satisfactory explanation of what these religions n Gods are and whether they are right or wrong, shouldn’t we first discuss, why we are here, or why are we born or the existence of life itself?? And this can still date back to animals and creatures that lived on earth, but where did they came from?? There are some questions which we cannot answer, not only me, no one can either.Then why argue about the evolution of religions and the right and wrong. Its a plain truth that man himself has progressed and also invented out of necessity the various improvements which we see now. And the various social and cultural developments were just part of it. Every person has his or her own views and each follows their own views, leading to compatibility conflicts.

People when do not get answer, they blame it on two things, fate and time. There can be another discussion if you need, on where did these two substances came from or what they are or who controls them etc etc. I don’t want to start it now. These are just questions for which I don’t have an answer and I don’t want to know also. For whatever reason, it is, we are living in this world, and I just try to live that life happily. Why happily because its easier for me to live happier. And hence I try to find for reasons which justify my living and my ways of life. Each person is in search of the same to make their lives happier so that its easy for them to live. And they tend to search that by earning money or through relations like family and friends. At many times, I feel we are living for our happiness or for the happiness of our near and dear ones. This emotional aspect of human beings also couples with several other emotions like trust, loyalty, confidence and love. In the new world, when the values of these emotions are being ruptured out, they try to find out some other reason to keep their life moving. True, we are not aware of why we are living, hence we try to create our own reasons and goals so that we can keep moving. And when we don’t get the happiness feeling or the wishes we aim for, we start blaming again time and fate, which again leads to the questions and thoughts of the unknown source of life. And we are forced to leave all our frustrations to that point.

Some people named that point as God, some consider it as something as inner self and this goes on. But whatever it is, we just leave it to that point which takes care of everything, our life and our worries. The knowledge of that some unknown presence gives us inner strength to move on with the life. We close our eyes and pray automatically. This prayer is just our wishes converted to requests to that unknown presence or to the inner self. And hence I guess the answer maybe lying in yourself. These prayers and beliefs just gives you the self confidence to fulfill your dreams and work towards attaining the self-created goals, which in turn gives a satisfactory meaning to drive your life.

Now If you ask whether I believe in God, or do I believe in my religion, or whether I do pray or follow the rituals etc, then Yes I do. Coz for me, God is an unknown source or the invisible blankness, or some answer to all my unanswered questions, where we end up at the end of all our quest for truth and existence of life and universe. I too follow the rituals and form of prayers, showed to me by my mother. But the difference is that I just consider them as a way to gain my self-confidence to live my life. Who knows, maybe my mother or for that matter, all the previous generations would have followed the same for that sole reason, to attain the happiness and solace which they failed to attain from others or their unfulfilled wishes in their life.


  1. There is only one God, it is just that, someone found god in Krishna, someone in Jesus and soemone in Allah. But God is only one, we just name it in a different way because we feel some kind of power in those idols so we consider them as god.

    According to me, the reason for getting peace at temples is just because you go with a mind set thinking god will make everything proper and it does work too many times.. because god is just inner you and that temple, that belief gives you strength… and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it.

    You can basically find god in anyone, I find in inner me, you may find it in Krishna, someone may find it in their parents, someone may find in some other person… it is just a belief which gives you strength, peace, confidence and everything…

    And yes, we should believe in god.. it works 🙂


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