5 things about myself

This tag was playing around everywhere for a while long back, so since nothing else to blog, but since I want to blog, I am picking the tag without being tagged by anyone! I am not sure what five things I can write about which gives insight into my nature or behaviour to others. Hmm, let me try.

1. I hate tomatoes. But I can have them in the form of tomato ketchup or raw ones in salt, or along with burger. 😛

2. I play veena a bit. Music has always been a passion, and veena I did learn for some time as part of it… But I don’t know why, I am not able to sing or play veena when someone asks me to do so. I really do hurt my parents cos of my this behaviour. 🙁

3. I get irritated and angry very fast, but I cool down instantly. I am extremely sensitive and emotional and think too much and can ponder over that and this and the results of which you people are reading this blog. So enjoy!!! 😉

4. I used to or was an addict of Hindi serials. Rest of the time I used to sit glued to pc and if you ask what I will do, if net is there, I spend time browsing that n this, if not, I will check all the thorough analysis of all the folders, and if found any softwares, I try them out, or if I get any software, I install them, try it out, uninstall it, and this will go on till the pc gets stuck, which happens very fast usually. Don’t worry I do that especially if its not my PC! 😛

5. I don’t know swimming. 🙁 There are lot of sports and exercises which I have not played. In my young age, I wished to take participate in lots, but either my health or some reason or other posed as hindrance. Similarly roller skating, table tennis, badminton, squash (Did you know that I used to play with ball alone by hitting onto wall, and using my hand as bat, to imitate the game of squash!) are few games I had in my wish list. I used to play carroms with appa (carrom-specialist!!) and chess with the neighbour boy (to whom I lost all time 🙁 )… Hmmm. Those were the days…


  1. he he nice rants.

    btw if you like sauce and raw tomatoes with salt what else is remaining to dislike 😛

    dont wanna comment may hurt you 😛

    so do most of the girls i have come to know thats gender bender 😀

    i will not let you touch my PC :tongue: :bleh:

    there is not stopping you start at any time you are in chennai and can join any good club with facilities you need and enjoy in the weekend you have free.

    anyways keep blogging
    take care

  2. okz.

    1. i got in here to tell u thr is a way out for hello tunes. its like pressin some f *501# key messages..

    2. ask them badly. shout evythin u hv learnt so far they ll tell u.

    3. this blog sucks. trust me. and i hv no idea why dya have feeds for so useful posts :p


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