Emotional Rants…

I had plans of writing some blog posts, and had already written few, but not feeling like publishing them, cos it does not represent my state of mind today. For few days now, I feel like writing some cribbing posts, then felt cribbing is not a good thing to do. I am also getting angry at silly things, for tiny tiny events happening around me. I feel such emotions are felt, when some matters disturbs our inner state of mind. Strange is the human mind which generates so much emotions and associated thoughts. We have the anger, happy, sad, disappointment, pain, blankness, blah blah… And if not through one, it find its own way to be expressed out in some other form. Anyways I do not want to write a bad post in such a mood. Also I dont think anyone likes to read or cares about such rants of mine. Dont worry readers(if any), I will try my best to come back soon… I guess I ranted too much already. Aint I?? Hmmm…

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