Predicting your life

The love day is about to begin within a week. But before finding love, did you consult the astrologer?

A popular debate on a TV show revealed that people , rather younger generation are now more keen towards the arranged marriage. And most of the arranged marriages happen mostly with the consultation of the astrologers. How does horoscopes affect marriages? Not only the horoscopes, but many other factors like the place and date and time of birth decides many important milestones of our lives. Should we rely on them to lead our lives?

Though not an ardent believer, but similar to my opinion of God, religious activities and superstitions, I believe we cannot ignore them completely. Debates are still on I suppose, regarding whether astrology is science or art. Some aspects of it rely completely on the position of the planets. But recently the discovery of few more planets has stirred up the foundation and existence of the so-called science. But whatever it is, and though we don’t know the proofs, there are people who believe in it.

But then, horoscopes are not only the influential factor. There are numerology, palmistry, and tarot cards too. Mathematics is already considered a science, but aren’t the numbers discovered by humans? Indians are famous for their discovery of the number zero. So what if our ancient ancestors had created a number system with 15 numbers instead of 10? How will numerology sustain? How did in the early times, parrots picked out our rashee? Palm lines maybe indeed unique, but in that case in future, will we be able to predict our life using fingerprints?

There are instances too where people went against all the superstitions and yet lived their life fully and successfully and maybe happily ever after too. Does it mean they may had obstructions or dissatisfaction or hard life but was never known to us? Or have they defied the existence of these sciences? I wonder at the mystery of these and many more sciences which at times, makes our life hard, but which was suppose to make it easy!

Maybe, everything happens for good and for a reason.. but unknown? Whadd’ ya think?


  1. If consulting astrologer, listen with open mind and evaluate what astro says. You will find most of the time predictions are diplomatic.
    I never met any astro who says “Yes, this will happen or No, this wont happen with authority”
    Again astro will say he/she is not god.
    Then why astrology ?
    Even doctor do treament with authority in most of the cases.
    Listen to astro but believe in your inner-voice. And never belive an astro will change your life. God is the decision-maker only. Men made plans but implementation is in the hands of God.

  2. i always believe that astro is most complicated subject of human generation but there are 99% fraud in astro so beware of that and if god wish, u would be lucky to have 1 % that chance to meet true astologer ……………

  3. A good post Archna. It is still a debatable point whether astro is a pure science or an art and you are right in saying that we cannot totally ignore it. How would the auspicious time and date for a wedding be decided? Hobo has rightly said in the comment above that 99% of the astros are ‘quacks’. They look at your patri and keep muttering – shani is in 5th house and is looking at your 2nd house, brahaspati is in the 7th house and rahu ketu are both in the 4th house, What can a lay person make out of this? Then he will ask you what specific problem have you come to him? Then follows the predictions and they are based on the famous dictum – ‘jo tum ko ho pasand, wohi baat kahenge’.There ends your Rs. 101/- effort.
    Yes, on one occassion I went to an astro who after reading the patri, gave me a mantra to chaant for a specified period and that difficulty was over. This is understandable as I strongly believe that prayer always helps.

    1. Astrology is truly a science which is determining our present and future. I have good experience with it. Initially I also ignored it. After my marrige things which happen around me make me blive astrology. My astrologer will surely say if it will happen or not. The position of the 7 grahas determine what you are…..There is truth in it….

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