Alphabet E

They were big, black and round eyes.
And they were staring at me.
They seemed to be innocent and wondering.
And then it became moist.
The well overflowed with tears.
All of it happened after I yelled and hit her.
I saw the devil inside me sneering at me.
We then sobbed together in arms.

Wordcount: 55

I consider this is not exactly fiction, but more of a writing piece depicting emotions. This was written coincidentally when the events happened, in real, but in parallel. Its the proof that writings do get inspired from the real events.
The summer vacations started just a week ago. And the environment seems to be ruffled. Till the dust settles down, I feel summer camps are the only option.

This reminds me of some conversation happened over Facebook groups on boarding schools. There was a time I wondered why children are sent to such schools, especially the rich ones, as depicted in the books and movies, but through the conversations I came to know that as much as children and the third persons like me hated the boarding school, parents too were left with no option and that some of them may had to go through many such emotions to leave one part of them so far away..


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