Book Review – 3 mistakes of my life

Just finished reading the “3 mistakes of my life” by Chetan Bhegat. I had read reviews of Ashwin and many others, and had not much hopes on it. But now I dont feel it as worse as his second book. And the author has always the style of hooking readers till the end, with a superb prologue.

The story plot at times and at many many places may sound very unrealistic. But its a fiction book. Unless you provide the fictionary part it becomes non-fiction. So I discard the irrelevant script of abroad trip and other impractical scenarios.

The twists and turns,the portrayal of the major issues of Gujarat and also India was good. I have seen the riots, the fights over religion in news and also in another film, Kazcha, based on the same and it had always let me down. On top of it, the tint of politics just added to the distaste.

There were instances I loved the subtle humor. The theme of love story didn’t interested me, though the love story did looked cute initially. The struggle of Govind to live, the disappointments, the resurrection after the unsuccessful dreams, and the cinematic climax were the only good points.

Overall I could rate it at around 6/10. Have you read this book? What is the rating???


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  2. I went to Landmark 3 times hoping to buy the book.. but it was worst than what I expected. I thought nothing worked well in the book and many parts should’ve been trimmed.

    Also did you notice that all the major incidences (Godra, Ind Victory against Aus, etc..) take place which seems more than just coincidence.

    I would rate 4/10.

  3. Yeah.. I read this book too.. and trust me it is the biggest mistake of Chetan Bhagath’s life.. the end was totally un realistic..

    I like the previous two books better.. Five Point Someone is the Best..

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