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The weekend started off with the dramatic StepMom and ended with Cool Runnings, with no one else in between. But just to give a fresh start. If you haven’t got it, they are movie names.

I don’t remember whether I have mentioned it, and I am too lazy to search in my archives, but nevertheless, I do love Julia Roberts. Her smile and her beauty just mesmerizes me. I was not much aware of Susan Sarandon, though I had watched her in Shall We Dance. But the film and the characters had such a real shade, I wondered whom to praise. I am not that experienced in English films to comment on the script and photography and etc, but what I liked in most of these films, is the depth of characters. Some of them just make you think, while they shine under different colors, as if gem stones under the moonlight. It could be unpolished diamond or a just a smooth stone, and we never could understand. Stepmom, which portrays the emotions and fears  of a real and a step mother over the children they care about. It shows the two extreme mother personalities of love and affection, but both on the good side.

Cool Runnings reminded me of Chak De India, in a way. Long back, I had tweeted, about the presence of more black people in Bangalore owing to their studies. Other than in films, I had never seen them in real before. Long back, Indians were given racist remarks in outside countries. Imagine the amount of criticism they had to face in the land of whites. Cool Runnings is the struggle of the bobsled team from Jamaica trying to make it to the Olympics for the first time. It reminds us that a national spirit can do wonders.

And yes, I also watched the comedy thriller, or rather thriller with comedy, I love trouble and of course, it had Julia again in it! 😛 And ya, I did love the trouble too.. “White lies” indeed.

The recent power cuts in Bangalore have left me watch several unfinished movies, and that too foreign films. Most of the movies, have no sound at times, which gives more seriousness to the film. Expressions are clear and convey much more than the words. The actors seems too brilliant too. Lets hope I am lucky enough to finish them off during re-telecasts…

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