To be loved…

Why do we wanna fall in love?

This was a dialogue in the film, The Mirror Has Two Faces, recently aired in an English Movie channel. The thoughts about love, the science behind it, the hormones evolved, the feelings generated, are these the answers? Some say its complicated, but still they do not want the loneliness.

By love here, I did not meant the common notion of love. I would rather extend the question by changing it to,

“Why do we wanna be loved?”

Now, this type of love, can in be of any form. Close friends or confidante, best friends, co-workers, room mates, parents, siblings, spouse, children, or for that matter, any stranger. I recently heard on the “First Ladies” interview show, a definition of love, from our own SRK, that says, love comprises various ingredients in various proportions, the ratio which changes over time. I truly agree to it. Maybe this multiplicity factor complicates it more.

There are times, when we doesn’t even realize whether we are being loved. The feeling other than sympathy when we give alms, and the gratitude they show on receiving them.  The humanity we show when we stand up for the pregnant or the mothers with newborns.  The helping mentality when we give lift to others or donate blood. The care, attention or attachment, and other similar feelings which we experience may also be subsets of the major set love. I guess these are some essential feelings which we  crave for, just like food, shelter and clothing.

People say, they want to date, or they want friendships, or letter pals. Do they do it just because others do it? Or just because they want to know what is it all about? Maybe its because we are used to being loved. From the time, we are born,  we are caressed, or sometimes pampered by parents and teachers. And then, when we find people not attending you or listening to what you say, you feel devastated. You feel you are odd and different. And you don’t feel happy or satisfied. Is it possible that though being social animal, we can be happy by being truly on our own? I guess not.

What do you think, would be a good answer?

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