Mélange – Random Tidbits – VI

..::.. Two weeks away from words. But not from thoughts. It was not the writer’s block or anything. The times of resilience. The times of fight within. Though I am happy that I did not waste much time these days. There were many pending books on my shelf, which I tried to complete. Few movies which I watched worth reviewing, or penning down the thoughts upon, but not enough to exceed few words and to become a post.

..::.. Shashi Deshpande’s “The Dark holds no terrors” is supposed to be her first book. I don’t remember why I did buy this book that time. Normally, I have never disliked a book I have bought. Every book which I feel was not interesting enough to hit the top list, was atleast worth a library read. But this one surprised me in exceeding the limits. The writing was good, expressive and had bit of depth in details. Still it failed me to impress me. It indeed shows the struggle of a married woman who ran away for love and then from the love, to fight with herself and her fears, and guilt. But the story was not that strong to support the beautiful screenplay. Simply put, I couldn’t digest the ending.

..::.. After watching the film, “The Namesake“, I had the belief that the original book would be full of tragedy, and would leave me emotional just like the film, but thankfully it did not. I realized that the film was just a trailer of the book by Jhumpa Lahiri, and that the words portrayed more diverse emotions than the film, and with a depth so beautiful and descriptive but simple, that would keep us immersed in the book till the end.

..::.. It was the latest addition to my Paulo Coelho’s books. “By the river Peidra, I sat and wept” is just a simple love story. But the conflicts, and fears and struggle to attain the love is vividly described as deeper meanings to the writing which we feel is too philosophical. Its the same questions we ask ourselves, when you enter the same shoes. Of life, of love, of future, clinging to the past, and the cultures, afraid of being different, and the raging battle between mind and the heart, is beautifully described in the story of the Other.

..::.. I am liking nowadays more English movie channels day by day. There is no nonsense, new scripts, and unimaginable stories captured by the brilliant actors. I don’t remember many of them now. One of the few touched films was “The Mighty“. The beautiful friendship between the two boys leaves you feel good, though the film is actually a tragic film. It also makes me think the influence people have or can create on each other. Love really does have different forms, and one of the most beautiful portrayal is that of truly inspiring friendships. This was the quote I loved from that film: “Every word is part of a picture. Every sentence is a picture. All you do, is let your imagination connect them together. If you have an imagination that is.

..::.. It is considered lucky if you are able to attend the Attukal Pongala festival. Even the unknown and ignorant gets lured into the faith by the extreme emotions and the huge crowd, even if its for a short while. It seems like just another cultural local festival, but the experienced discloses the imaginary force within them attracting towards the temple and the faith and towards the Goddess. As mentioned earlier, I find women more powerful from their faith and this festival boosts their spirit and the strength so much that even the passive onlookers experience the positive energy coming out of the atmosphere.I am happy that I was present at the festival this time.

..::.. The elections are coming near. But all the more, I find more reason now to discard the newspaper. They are fully filled with promises, analysis and history of politicians. The Jaago Re and other election aware campaigns are also in the news. This all reminds me the time, I got my voter card, and the only vote I did till now. But every time, the criminal cases against them, and with the fewer, or rather too many unwanted options and combinations of parties to choose among the politicians locally, we are left with not much choice. I sometimes wonder at the recent US elections, where in just two parties are present. How easy it was.


  1. Attukal Pongala was a nightmare for my brother. As he couldn’t get berth from Kulithurai (even tatkal), he had to goto Thiruvananthapuram. The TVC-MAS express was packed. Imagine paying a Rs 150 premium and still not getting a seat! The train to Chennai had almost 20,000 ppl! Thankfully many didn’t travel all the way to Chennai/TN.

    And… welcome back. 🙂

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