Small Whispers

#atozchallenge alphabet W

For the letter W, I had the story theme “Waiting” in my mind. I tried to do a story based in Venice or London, where the main lead is waiting at the same place for the partner, recollecting all the moments they cherished. That would have been a sad or poignant theme. But over the weekend, I was in a happy mood, which is not that common, and so did not wanted to get into the sadness mood, to dug out the words.

Then there was the theme or writing itself, and my thoughts on it. I thought I could shower some blog love on Write Tribe community and other bloggers, but that would be repetitive and very common topic.

And then I chanced upon the whispers. The verb, noun and the product.

Long back when we were asked to write inspirational post on Women’s Day, I had encountered on an article about Murugananthan and his business story of creating sanitary napkins.

That would be one of the basic inspirational steps towards woman empowerment. India as a country may boast of the metro cities, the culture, the religions, and the history, but the sad plight of women living in the villages, who still doesn’t have enough amenities, is something we need to be bothered about.

This article from Menstrupedia, yet again shows how modern and new people are yet to embrace the topic more freely, just like other so-called taboos like sex. (Did you saw the Ranveer Singh ad?)

The steps surely leads to a better future…


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